Our Mission

The countless lives taken and the level of trauma faced by the Black community is unacceptable.  We cannot imagine the difficulties they face but we stand with them in the fight for change.

Over the past month we have not been posting content.  We have been listening to the Black community and actively learning from a number of important books, documentaries and podcasts. 

As a business, we are committed to being a more inclusive brand.  We are taking steps to ensure permanent change, stating our support for the Black community and acknowledging the privilege we have as white individuals.  Moving forward you can expect to see diversity in our products and on our feed. 

As individuals, we are having discussions with our friends and family.  We are seeking out the best ways to support the Black community.  We are talking about how we can be better allies and how we can address our biases and check our privilege on an ongoing basis.

In our mission statement we say "support other because everyone deserves to be believed in and empowered" and we demand that now more than ever..  We ask you to donate if possible, read, listen, learn, encourage these conversations with others and strive to do as much as you can because Black Lives Matter and we all have to fight for change.